Timecrimes in Sundance
enero 25, 2008

It’s been known this week that Tom Cruise‘s production company (United Artist), has purchased the rights of Nacho Vigalondo‘s feature film “Timecrimes” (Los cronocrímenes), the day after the screening at Sundance. It looks like the initial idea is to produce a remake, and that also looks like a déjà vu of the case “Vanilla Sky” (Abre los ojos) with Alejandro Amenábar.
I would love Nacho would be allowed to direct the remake of his own work, but this time with enough budget (and without the need he appears in front of the camera ;-)). In an interview I read, it looks like he doesn’t want to go back in time and wants to work on new projects with more “support”.

Distribution of “Timecrimes” (Los cronocrímenes) in the USA will be done by Magnolia Pictures, and in Spain, will be Versus Entertainment, and looks like the official launch day will be April 18th. I feel they made a good decission purchasing the rights. If cine.com had been purchased by Google instead of YouTube, myself would have purchased the rights.

I want to congratulate Nacho and his producers for this excellent piece of news of rights acquisition for the USA, and I hope he can follow the steps of Alejandro Amenábar, because the talent is there. He is the kind of directors who with enough budget, could build marvels (if he doesn’t insist in direct Die Hard 5!). BTW, if he directs it, I hope he emulates what Christopher Nolan did with Batman and he improves it.
i would also love that, if not the remake, the next movie he has the ideal conditions and he can demonstrate hir true talent to a majority and on the way, get a great box office. As someone said to Spanish president Zapatero after winning the elections … ¡Nacho don’t fail on us!
PS: I hope you comment if Victoria Beckham is as posh in persona as it looks like on press.

Los cronocrímenes en Sundance ’08
enero 13, 2008

Nacho Vigalondo ha conseguido distribuidora en EE.UU. para su excelente largometraje Los cronocrímenes, que pudimos ver en Sitges. La distribuidora es HDNet Films / Magnolia Pictures, y va a presentarla en el festival de Sundance 2008, que arranca el 17 y finaliza el 27 de Enero.
Los distribuidores han elegido otro cartel. A mi me gustaba más el que se presentó en España, aunque quizás éste sea más comercial (el otro podría hacer que más de un@ no fuera al cine al parecer más un remake de la momia, pero después de ver la película, entiendes que el cartel es genial).

Cartel Sundance 08

Recordad el cartel de Sitges ’07
CronoCrimenes cartel spain

Para los que estéis en Park City, Utah, pues nada … aquí tenéis los horarios:

Friday, January 18, 3:15pm, Holiday Village Cinema III
Saturday, January 19, 9:00am, Yarrow 2 – Press / Industry
Saturday, January 19, 9:45pm, Broadway Centre Cinemas
Wednesday, January 23, Midnight, Broadway Centre Cinemas
Thursday, January 24, Midnight, Egyptian Theatre
Saturday, January 26, 6:15pm, Holiday Village Cinema III

Mucha suerte Nacho, y ¡a ver si contestas los emails!

La web de Sundance es: http://www.sundance.org/festival
La página oficial de Los cronocrímenes es: http://www.loscronocrimenes.com